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1.In March, 2013. Shenzhen Upcera Co.Ltd was founded, and start the business of optics sleeves.

2.In 2004, Upcera achieved the high-tech program certification;

3.In 2005, Ceramic sleeves was listed to State 863 Program, we entered into dental industry preparation period

4.In 2006, Upcera was certificated as Shenzhen high-tech company, meanwhile Shenyang Upcera was established and got the high-tech company certification.

5.In 2008, Shenyang Upcera got ISO 9001 certification

6.In 2009, Shenzhen Upcera was certificated as State high-tech company, and Liaoning Upcera was established;

7.In 2010, The ceramic sleeves got ROHS certificated by EU, the employee joint-stock company Jizhixian was established. The Benxi industry park was stared to production, and get strategic investment from outside.;

8.In 2011, Super translucent zirconia material and coloring liquids was developed,we start wholly domestic marketing and training. The 2rd generation of CAD/CAM was launched. We got certification from state as high tech company. The R&D center of Liaoning engineering center.

9.In 2012, we got state torch plan high-tech certificatation, the 16 pre-shaded zirconia was lauched, the digital CAD/CAM solution production was started, and Benxi industry park 2rd was put into production.

10.In 2013, Upcera got the innovation award as top 100 medium and tiny company in China. The third place of Liaoning Science and technology award. The top 30 brand in Benxi brand. The excellent company in administration of Benxi.

11.In 2014, the customized invisible appliances was registered which got the second place in Liaoning excellent new product award. And got the support from the State. The company found Shenzhen Upcera dental technology Co.Ltd with Herry Schein together.

12.In 2015, Upcera start the stragetic cooperation with Sinodent.

13.In 2016, Upcera start a new company which focus on ceramic material in intelligent wear, fashion decoration,high end product and and gifts industry with Shenzhen Xinhai new material Co.Ltd together. The new company will responsible for production and sales of those products.

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